Test for Responsible Gaming and the Prevention of Addictive Gambling Behaviour

  Yes No
Do you often think about previous gambling experiences, do you think about the next time you are going to gamble, and/or plan ways of getting money to gamble with?    
Have you even gambled more money away than you initially intended to?    
Are you currently trying to control, cut back on or stop gambling?    
Does attempting to cut back on or stop gambling ever make you restless or irritable?    
Do you ever gamble to avoid a problem?    
When you gamble for money, do keep playing in order to win back the money that you lost?    
Do you believe you have a problem with gambling?    
Do you finance your gambling activity from family money, loans, falsification, fraud or theft?    
Have you missed any time from work or education due to gambling?    
Have you ever asked anyone for help with your financial problems produced by gambling?