Gift certificate terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Account Gift Certificates ('Gift Certificate'), unless otherwise stated. By donating or receiving a Gift Certificate, You agree to be bound by the following applicable terms and conditions:

  1. In order to donate a Gift Certificate the donor of the Gift Certificate ('Donor') must have successfully registered for an Account with Us and must also successfully complete such identification checks as We may require from time to time, including by supplying any personal identification documentation required by Us.
  2. Once We effect the transfer to the recipient of the Gift Certificate ('Recipient'), We will not be liable for the transfer. We will not transfer money back to the Donor's Account unless the Gift Certificate expires before redemption.
  3. We reserve the right to reject any Gift Certificate request or to reverse any Gift Certificate upon suspicion of breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use by Donor or Recipient.
  4. The Recipient will need to complete the 'Player Registration' before they are able to redeem the Gift Certificate. Player registration can be completed either by clicking 'Deposit' on the Cashier screen or by clicking on 'My Account/Update Personal Info' in the Lobby.
  5. The Donor agrees that the Gift Certificate is intended only to enable the Recipient to play on the Sports Services and the Gaming Services at and not for any other purposes.
  6. Before the Recipient can cash out a Gift Certificate the Recipient must first have earned Standard Points with such monies (excluding any bonus points awarded) greater than or equal to 15% of the amount received in USD ('Release Requirements'). Where a Gift Certificate is received in a currency other than USD, the required 15% of PartyPoints must be calculated on the value of the Gift Certificate in USD (based on the exchange rates offered by Us at the point of cash out. Please see Currency Converter).
  7. We may in Our sole discretion permit the donation of Gift Certificate in a currency other than the Donor's Account Currency subject to the Exchange Rates offered by Us. Please see Currency Converter and Frequently Asked Questions for further details.
  8. In addition, where the Account Currency of the Recipient of a Gift Certificate is different to the currency of the Gift Certificate, then cashing the Gift Certificate will also be subject to the terms and Exchange Rates offered by Us. Please see Currency Converter and Frequently Asked Questions for further details.

If You have any questions, please contact Our 24/7 Customer Care Team.

Created/Modified 29 August 2013