Lucky Little Devil

Game Overview

  • Lucky Little Devil is a 15 reel video slot with a Respin Feature and a Devils Morph Feature.
  • The game is played with 10 lines (fixed).
  • Wins pay only from left to right.
  • All wins only occur on active lines.
  • Only the highest line win is paid on each line played.
  • Line wins are a multiple of the line bet.
  • Line wins from different lines are added.
  • The Devil symbol is the highest paying symbol and can show up on every reel.
  • All values like credit, bets and wins are shown in currency.
  • All values in the paytable are based on the current bet level. These values will be changed automatically if the bet level will be changed.
  • Payouts according to the paytable are made only if the specified number of symbols is of a kind.

Respin Feature

  • Every win will trigger the Respin Feature.
  • During the feature the winning symbols remain in their position.
  • The Respin Feature ends when no additional winning symbol appears.
  • Wins are calculated at the end of the Respin Feature.

Devils Morph Feature

  • The Devils Morph Feature is triggered after seven Respins.
  • The Devils Morph Feature turns all winning symbols into the Devil symbol.
  • Wins are calculated at the end of the Devils Morph Feature according to the devils paytable.

Game Functions

 ec1 Press to start a new game
 ec2 Press while spinning to stop the reels immediately
 ec3 Press to activate / deactivate autoplay
 ec4 Press to set the maximum bet
 ec5 Press to increase the bet
 ec6 Press to reduce the bet
 ec7 Press to exit the game and return to the casino main screen
 ec8 Press to view the help of the game
 ec9 Press to adjust the volume
 ec10 Press to access the game settings (see Game Settings Options)
 ec11 Press to view the paytable of the game
 ec12 Press to view the game rules
 ec13 Press to view the history of the game (not available when playing for fun)
 ec14 Press to go to the next page in the help or to go to the next entry in the history
 ec15 Press to go to the previous page in the help or to go to the previous entry in the history
 ec16 Press to return to the game

Note: It is also possible to start a game or collect a win by pressing the SPACEBAR.

Game Settings Options

Button Function
Press to enable / disable the fullscreen mode

Autoplay Settings

The autoplay settings will be opened by pressing on the autoplay button.

  • Amount of Games: Select number of games which should run in autoplay
  • Credit lower than: Stops autoplay if credit is lower than specified
  • Credit higher than: Stops autoplay if credit is higher than specified
  • Win higher than: Stops autoplay if a single win is higher than specified
  • NOTE: Some autoplay options are mandatory for some jurisdictions.
  • NOTE: Each freespin game (if applicable) is counted as a single game and will therefore reduce the amount of games by one.

Return to Player

  • The theoretical return to the player for this game is 95.83%

Additional Information

  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • In the info panel on the top of the game on the right side there is the game id visible. Each game has
    its unique game id. This game id should be used for requests to the support.
  • In case of disconnection because of network issues or other failures the game will always continue on the last position where it was interrupted. The game can be continued at any time. There is no time limitation in this case.

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